The Cave of the Mothers

I've long dreamed of holding an exhibition of my figurative sculptures inside a cave with firelight flickering upon them and the solid rock slabs of the cave walls behind them. Cautiously stumbling in the dark, eyes adjusting to the blackness, flickering firelight, the sound of distant drumming, surrounded by larger than life figures, whilst within mother earth herself - I wanted to create an experience, a chance to pause, to re-connect with the ancient mothers within, that ancestral line of women we hold in our DNA, the matriarchs, the grandmothers, the wisewomen.

The chances of exhibitions in caves seem pretty slim at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, so.... being confined to my home 22 hours a day for months on end .... I decided I would create my own personal version. Access to art supplies being tricky in the Now Times, I began by using materials I had to hand - a large packing box, black paint, tape, some photos, a cheap printer, tea light candles and my phone. The cave walls, unsurprisingly (!), are not actually solid rock, but detail photos of some ceramic sweet potatoes I made many years ago.

The fires conjure up magic and awe in the darkness, transforming 2D into 3D inside the seemingly soot blackened cave, the glimmering sculptures casting layers of shadows across the cave walls, the shadows having their own stories to tell.

With special thanks to Heilung for allowing me to use a snippet of their music - from their album Lifa and the track In Maidjan. (check them out!)

PS Go gently with me - I have no idea about editing videos! I have a lot to learn! I made this for a program I'm participating in called WunderGym - it has helped a great deal to have a creative group to keep in contact with over the lockdown and exhibitions to aim for together. It's also been an exciting opportunity to challenge myself with ideas, mediums,and processes I "haven't had the time to try" - until now.

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