This is for you.... 'The Bead Project'

"To all the survivors and the thrivers and the busy living lifers

And for those who didn't get the chance to do that,

you are all in my heart

and this is for you."

The Bead Project is a beautiful representation of the work of the women who make up every community, everywhere. Each bead is marked with the maker's palm prints, bringing to mind all the things women's hands do every day - nurture, clean, comfort, bake, birth, create, heal, grow,

As women, we touch many people, a hug here, a pat there, a touch on the shoulder, a handshake, hold the baby - communicating through our palms.

283 special members of the community participated in this, the first stage of The Bead Project and each one of them is represented in a community exhibition at Saltwater Community Centre.

Drop in before June 30 to see all the gorgeous beads, read the messages from the hearts of the participants and even contribute a message of your own!

Saltwater Community Centre is located at

153 Saltwater Promenade in Point Cook

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