Is this the Tiniest art studio in Melbourne?

For most of 2013, this tiny corner was my art studio. I had just arrived in Melbourne and my furniture and the contents of my previous art studio was trapped in boxes, in storage, on the other side of the country. At the time there seemed little hope of coming up with the highway robbery they called a fee to transfer said boxes across this wide country. But there was no controlling it, pressing it down, reining it in .... this urge to make, to create something with my hands... Needs must, I gathered together from op shops and verge side collection trawling, a likely to collapse at the worst possible moment card table, a couple of office chairs with dubious rolling ability, a blue tarp from the 'nearly everything for $2' shop, an empty box and voila! Art studio/corner of a bedroom!

Start where you are

Use what you have.

Fast forward to today and from all those boxes an art studio materialized in my garage, with space enough me to play with clay... and paint.... and make jewellery.... and even invite a few people to come and play with me!

The universe has conspired to organise it to allow me to follow my heart's desire to play in there every day!

I am so close to having a kiln installed it almost hurts!

My dreams are on the cusp of becoming......

I'm not gonna lie -it's been a crazy rollercoaster ride since relocating (twice), exhausting day jobs, multitudes of teenagers coming and going, delving into the psychology of chronic pain, a leaky heart, sweating it out through every pore, 2am crafting and business plan drafting, the Three Minute Pitch, Community Inclusion and Connection, Seed Funding, The Bead Project, sooo many meetings!........

soaking it up, listening for that nugget, learning to recognise opportunity when it comes knocking.....

What's your Grande Plan? What will you do to make it happen?

Is what you're doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

Each day, I take another next step along one of the paths that lead to achieving my desires and goals. Then another. Even if it is one phone call, one baby step. We can dream and plan and visualise all day long but what is going to really get us there is taking action! The magic happens when we get serious and begin to actually do it!

Carve out that corner, claim that space and make room for your dreams to come true!

Playing with clay workshop in PyreWorks Studio!

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