The Bead Project!

How gorgeous are these Palm Charms?

It's been a long time I know, since I caught up with some of you! Apart from having a few health issues which sidelined me for a while, I have been super busy developing PyreWorks Studio's brand, new product range and new direction! And I must tell you I have been inundated with hundreds of beads! Thank you everyone for your support!! It means so much to me! Have you participated in The Bead Project? I would like to let you know, the last batch of beads (so far) that was taken to be bisque fired will be picked up this week! Yay! The next step will be the glaze fire and then you will be contacted when your beads will be ready to be returned to you. Almost there - thank you for your patience. I just can't wait to see all the beads threaded together! If you would like to participate in The Bead Project, or if you know a group of ladies who would like to make and contribute a strand of beads for the community necklace, please contact me either on Facebook or by email:

You can check out some photos of beads if you go to

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