Carolyn Warren-Langford is a sculptor and artist from Studio Pyra who is passionate about clay for its therapeutic qualities and is the maker of 'PyreBorn Women'  - sculptures from the pit-fire. Her clay figures incorporate metal, kiln cast glass and any bits and bobs gathered from nature along the way.


   "My work is becoming a pantheon of fat- bottomed wild women - sculptures for appreciation, contemplation and meditation. Each one of my pieces goes through incredible transformations as earth and water are combined, sculpted into form and then passed through the fire to be changed forever.  A finished piece requires just the right combinations of all the elements. Many of my pieces are  sacrificed to the gases and fumes of the fiery pit to emerge as 'PyreBorn Women,' their bodies embedded with symbols and adorned by smoky flashes of colour."


   Carolyn  has always had an interest in ancient cultures and tribes, archaeology, alchemy and magic. Her collection of myths, fairy tales, old wives' tales, domestic lore and contemporary women's stories combined with her own life experiences provide a fantastic source of information and inspiration.  Many cultures throughout history have used clay not only for functional ware, but also in the expression of a spiritual dimension to life. Using techniques that have served for thousands of years helps cultivate a connection to the women who have gone before and to many aspects of their lives. 


   "The touch of clay in my hands centres my spirit, frees my mind and from there, inspiration becomes form. This alone is very therapeutic, for me a valuable healing tool. The transformation that has taken place in my life since I started playing with clay has been amazing. I feel as though I am sculpting myself a new life."

Mud,   Soul,   Fire

If these wings could fly....